01 August 2007

Mamy Akara

well this our neighbour Mamy Akara was a very nice woman
I used to eat her acra...i still do

well you know most of these ladies are single but try hard with 2 or three kids
to make ends meet.
So one day this talk black military guy came and ate Achumbo one evening
and decided to be the last to leave.
Mamy Akara being single has been longing for a man for a long time
so this was her chance.
They did the thing the whole night and Mamy Akara forgot her whole capital uncovered.
Hey don't get me wrong I really mean her money here and not what you're thinking.
you know when its been long you havent had...ehmm...,,,...u can doze off without realising .
This guy got up first and stole mamy Akara's money (capital) and escaped. very unusal for men.

she on her part got up and realised that she had been robbed she started screaming and when we got out and asked what happened.

she kept repeating this phrase.....''na some tall man ....e black-ooooh''
what did he do and where do u know him and how or what happend.
she could not expalin and kept saying ,...na some tall man ...e black----oh

show---yi.... no ya... yi

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