22 March 2008

small fuck!!

I remember when i was in secondary school in downtown Bamenda
and one serious morning we were at the assembly ground and an Angry
mother on her way to the farm droped by in shcoool with
her child tied behind her back and a hoe on the other hand to attend a querry from the principal about her daughter

well as i gather it seems her daughter was dismissed because of missconduct
later I found out she had jumped the fence and went out for to make love with her boyfriend
anyway lets.... get to why the mom was in school
so she knocked at the principal's office...

Mr Principal...abeg comot outside i want know why u dismiss my pikin
the principal replied that she misbehaved and....had to be punished...
but before he finished the mother interupted him and said....

eh.hm so because e go fuck....!!!!
so na small fuck way pikin go fuck na ye way u dismiss yi?
just small fuck so...showing the tip of her finger......

but before the Principal could stop her from using such indecent language...
she said her worse....
a say-eh Mr Principal ...you ..you dey so you no di fuck?

the rest of the school assembly and the teacher could not hold it anymore...we all burst into laughter...even the teachers....while struggling to control us with wips...they still could not stop laughing.

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