18 June 2007

jesus in Nigeria

Jesus send Judas make Judas go buy him one whole roasted chicken.

Judas go Nigeria go bring roasted fowl wey get na only one leg.

So Jesus ask am say, "Where one leg of dis fowl?" Wey Judas don chop am.

Judas say, "Jesus, if I tell you, you no go believe, but all fowl for
Nigeria get na one leg."

Jesus say, "Come go show me."

Judas take Jesus go to Nigeria for rainy season because when rain dey fall,
fowl dem dey
ever stand with one leg for keep warm. Time when dem reach Nija, Judas show
a group of fowl dem under rain wey all dem stand with one leg under rain.

So Judas say, "You see de ting wey I dey tell you?"

So Jesus laugh, he pick up one stone and shoot the group of fowl dem; the
fowl dem fear run away.

As Judas see say Jesus don catch him for lie, to cover up he say,

"Chei, Jeeesus, you no dey tired to make miracle?"

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