20 June 2007

Mayor Toto's Porous English

Rosine Toto's Porous English

During the commissioning of the bridge, the Mayor of Tiko Council, Rosine Toto, had to read a welcome speech.

When she took the rostrum, those sitting on the ceremonial ground could be seen giggling and guessing in what language she would read it. Someone standing beside this reporter wondered aloud how she managed to become the Mayor of Tiko.

The speech she read was, to be honest, in approximate English and not very far from Pidgin. Her pronunciation of English words made matters worse. Most people were fidgeting, trying to fight back laughter, while others simply held handkerchiefs to their mouths as if to wipe off sweat.

To make up, she read another full version of the speech in French. Impeccable French, though.

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