04 June 2007

things to know when looking for a job

Well.... the last time i was looking for a job as a managing director in one of our companies back home i came to realise that, there was just more to the interview i needed to know than just a normal interview.

So i came in to the office like every other well dressed in the capital city of Yaounde and well prepared for the interview.
others were already getting in and out very quickly with hanging faces.
the guy just before me also got out so disapointed. i asked why it took so short and he told me that he was asked just one question and before he was thru with it he was thrown out.
what the hell could this question be
he told me it was just to conjugate th verb mangé in french
he said je mange
tu mange
ils mange.....
he was halted to go out

i felt so perplexed but decided to go in with my chin up.

i was asked to conjugate the same verb
i taught for a sec and said
tu mange
je mange
nous mangeons
ils mange......
the director interviewing me joined in later and we conjugated it to the end....he was so happy
and i got the job.
He said the others want to eat before i eat?
why will i give a job to someone who says ''he eats first (je amnge)
then i eat second (tu mange)
there and then i realised the country i was leaving in.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one! This is really a good depiction of how things function in Cameroon. I laughed my lungs out.

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