04 June 2007

My Sweet Heart_Biology class!

One day our Biology teacher asked a friend of mine (Emma) to name the parts of the heart. Emma said he could only name some of the parts.

The teacher asked him to name the ones he could remember. Emma stood up and started with Right ventricle,...left ventricle ...right artria..., tricuspid valve........""the leg"".
'the leg?!... the teacher asked`' ?

The teacher asked him to label the leg on the board. Emma said "please sir i can not label it but i can explain it."
The teacher asked him to explain it. The boy said " Yesterday when i was coming to school, I heard my neighbour husband saying ...my sweetheart open your legs...sweet heart open your legs."and i immediately thought that, the leg should be a part of the heart.

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Sunday, 03 June, 2007

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