08 July 2007

What does a Medical Doctor, akara and pepper have in common?

The other day I was at the general hospital in bamenda to consult a doctor
concerning my on-and-off malaria that constantly worries me.
Instead of the doctor attending to me I was the one finally consulting the doctor.

This is how it happened ...I arrived the hospital at about 10pm
there was a very long line of patient waiting to see the same doctor,
I paid my 500fCFA consultation fee and sat waiting for my turn....
It was getting to 1pm and the doctor came out to call the next patient..

To our suprise, he collapsed and we were left to figure out what to do...

As we all surrounded him one woman looked and said he looked like he must
be very hungry , and ask Bih her daughter to run down the road and buy some akara and pap for 100 frs. CFA....as Bih was about to leave the doctor suddenly got up and said

.......''no forget pepper....plenty pepper.

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