08 July 2007

Bafut man and his-her druss

I followed my dad to one of this his country meetings and something happend that I will never forget.

there is this couple well known in the village
they  decided to buy an underwear for themselves but
but their money was not enough to get two pairs
so they decided to wear one and share...
meaning anybody has his own day to put it on.

On this faithful day Manka'a's Husband wore this druss knowing very well it was his wife's turn...
well he wore it to his Njangui house and deep into the njanguis discussions...his wife realised he had escaped this time again but its going to be his last!

Women being what they are without shame...she just got into the Njangui house and said

to her husband...''tchuo druss wa...' tchou druss wa....'
remove that druss......Remove that druss...REMOVE...tchou!.....
you know very well that its my turn....I say move-.am give me! LOL

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