11 May 2007

Forks and Beans !

Bolingo just came back from his usual wine taping early one morning and decide to eat some of mami malabo's achomboo ( beans and Puff-Puff).

so he came in and he was served with puff-puff for 25fCFA beans for 25fCFA and pepper for 50fCFA.

so Aza'ah noticed that Bolingo was eating without cutlery,
so she asked...' Pa i give u fork'

Bolingo: he looked up at the little girl who was just about 16 going to 17 and did not reply
Aza'ah : pa i di talk na for u nor...i give u fork'

Bolingo; he looked up again and wiped the sweat dripping from his fore head.
Aza'ah asked again in anger...ah am i not talking to you.... I give u fork'

Bolingo: replied in dismay and said...'Ma Pikin if i fuck you...you go well!!!!!!!'

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