11 May 2007

Bamenda-American citizen

there was this Guy living around Nkwen Bamenda area who left for America at the age of 17 and only return to his native pidgin speaking nkwen 3 yrs later.
this guys come home and claim to rap english but failed to understand u cant 'rap' Pidgin-english.
so one day he was moving around Nkwen Market area during a hot dry season day and saw this guy selling doh-doh (fried ripe plantain)
so to keep up his America wanders jest while dieing of hunger
he called out quietly in rap English saying doi-doi....
the doh-doh guy did'nt turn back
he called again doi-doi in american english
the guy still realised he had a customer calling
so Mr America wanders got angry and said in plain Pidgin shouting....Doh-doh a di call u no di hear?????

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