17 May 2007

Pigs at Bamenda Food Market

On sunny rainy day i was at the bamenda food market, trying to buy some fresh food stuffs.
Then all of a sudden i saw these `'clando' cars from 'Sabong garri`' carying large bags of garri.
Anyone who knows these bags of garri know how packed they use to pack them to economize space.
one large back fell down and the car driver went unnoticed.
these our famous pigs that eat without taking a rest taught it was Christmas time not knowing what was awaiting them.
they hurriedly got to the scene and started eating up the garri. as dry as the garri was
it was fun eating it.
the ate and ate and ate........and even ate again......u know pigs...the can ..........actually they eat till the food gets finished.
this fateful day they ate again the garri.............and it was time to drink WATER.......
these my country pigs hurriedly got to the nearest pond or gauter hole to drink water.....
the drank to their satisfaction
i kept looking at them ,.....so they decided to take a brake
lying under the sun the chemistry between dry garri and water started to take place and all we heard was a large explosion....booooom
we ran to the scene thinking it could be an al-qaieda attack to find blood smeared with meat all over the place covered with garri........
i could hear people saying ''e sweet....this pig their own don too much for this market....''
i rushed to get my on share of the booty as people were also grabbing theirs.

This is a TRUE STORY


lifelaf betrand said...

i also heard this story it is realy a true story.

cheunuie said...

Very True story...am a witness

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