17 May 2007

Cam no go disease

All say ....weh---eh.
this cam no go disease that struck Cameroon at on time was a disease to be put on record.
i remember very well when i got mine. it can disgrace even the president of the country
when it attacks u.....u will pull down whatever u are wearing to scratch it.
it had numerous names.....sugar -sugar, just to define the sweetness of the disease

so one day i was in school and my teacher had it.
around this same time there was this musical from one famous Cameroonian. the song title was called swahili....swahili swahili....u remember? of course all of us do even ''black man to babou'' was another reigning title at that time.#
so Mr Peter my teacher was teaching maths in form two when sugar-sugar told him its time to enjoy. at this moment he started pulling down his zip carefully and sending his hand around his labs,,,,,,scratching them.
Sweet as this disease could be, he started singing his favorite song.....swahili....swahili....swahili
by the time he realized his pants where almost down.
Since that day any other student who came to Starlight college called Mr Peter...Mr Swahili.

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Mecado said...

That was a good trial. Keep up

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