17 May 2007

what Pork meat can do

the other day, just behind our village home i had this friend called Ngwa makabè (nik named macabe coz he loved this makabo cocoyam too much) well apart from loving cocoyam to warrant him the title, there were other things he liked too
He has been doing this pig business in their backyard for almost 4 years now;
when the Veterinary control came around checking pigs health,
unfortunately his pig was marked unfit for human consumption.

Everyone in his household refused to eat it and he decided no to do away with it since after all it was his hard work. He now decide to seek advice from local Veterinarians like me.

I told him i once heard that when you cook a infected pork meat with lime fruit juice, the tape worm will all move to the surface and u can shifter it out.

He had soo much respect of me and decided to try it out.
he prepared the pork as i told him and drained out the tape worms out.

Ngwa Makabè will cut a large part every day holding it on one hand and a cutlass on the other hand on his way to the farm eating.
since no one would share with him....the pork became his breakfast....lunch....and supper.
at least he had a nutritious balance diet.

Well....later things did not go so well with him and we realized he was sweating oil. his armpits were all smeared with oil..........even when he sneezes....he sneezes out oil droplets. this happened for months........
Another true Story

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