29 May 2007

Suppository Drug. (reader descretion advised)

well this may seem so funny and crazy but it the reality in our society.

well this our old mothers well....

A Suppository is a drug delivery system that is inserted into the rectum.
So one day my neighbour's son ran up to me and told me a story i may never forget.
the story goes on like this.....
one day ma mami asked me to help her insert some penadol suppository drug up her
so she bent down and asked me to push it hard up her anus since this drug melts fast it not suppose to end up half way.
being naive and young about 12 yrs old then ....
as she stuped down I saw two ways up her so I asked her to which of the two hole should I insert the drug in
she replied in her words''.... a beg ...for the upper one coz the downer one your Pa yi die''

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