20 June 2007

Nigerian Priest at Cameroon/Nigerian Boder

Last time i was travelling to Nigeria , we caught up at the border police
as usual holding people down for for one thing or the other.

Well there was this priest or say dressed like a priest travelling from Nigeria to Cameroon
he got stoped at the hold-up and was asked identification papers as usual too.

it is believed that the cameroonian police with red caps are not to joke with
they can use their weapons at any time the feel like
so this guy had a full load of bottles and was holier than the Pope himself
well he was asked to identify himself and others in our broken down jeep and people asked
if the police does not have respect for clergy people and to allow the man to go.
Well he came down and talked to the police in a very polite manner.

when asked what he had in his boot he responded that there were just some bottles of holy water.
when the police asked if they could see them he gladly showed them.

well for the police that did not matter and he asked if he could drink or at least taste it.
well he said its not for drinking....
later the police insisted on tasting it and forcefully seized one bottle and tasted it.....

He screamed due to the taste of Alkohol (afawfaw) and forced the Priest to taste it too

well we became soo unsure of what was going on and i decided
to move a little closer to the scene.

the priest shouted back and said in his top of his voice......
........`''praise the lord''

...i responded Allellu ya.....

the Priest: ...said....he has done it again....Jesus has turn water again in to wine (hot drink)

well ,....he was arrested for trafficking afawfaw or kai...kai

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